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Stakeholder Communication


Indeed, a true brand must be an infinite tangible which value distills to all that are related to it. Xstrata has requisite tools to take your brand to all its stakeholders through below-the-line and through-the-line communication channels like Annual Report, Incisive Strategies Development, Brand Identity Creation, Original Brand Naming, Exciting Print Ad Visuals/Radio/ Television commercialsNewsletter, Design/Production of Calendars, Christmas Cards, Brochures/Fliers, Carrier Bags, Note-pads, Souvenirs, Comprehensive Brand Management Services, In-house Journal and Corporate Social Responsibility Materials. These are what we call brand extension mechanisms that have immense value in building a brand.

We work with client to create, design and produce these brand extension tools in refreshing ways to achieve outstanding results.

Business Consulting/ IT


We take a broad-based approach to branding, as we provide key business solutions that all add up to total value for clients' businesses. In a world as dynamic as day and night, we have discovered that today's customers are more sophisticated and demanding than ever before; they can no longer be swayed by conventional branding activities.

And there are awesome possibilities leveraged by the power of information and communications technology which xstrata has expertise to exploit and deploy. That is why we provide strategic solutions in Consumer Satisfaction Strategy, Competitive Advantage, Comparative Advantage, Products/Services Development and Analysis, Software Development and Training/ Workshop & Seminar. All these can be tailored to grow your own brand and boost your business potentials.

Branded Environment


Branded environments enables people to step inside your brand. Imagine having your audience walk through your brand, exploring offices, stores, campuses, exhibit halls, and hotels that bring your key ideas tangibly to life. Branded environments are one of the most powerful ways to engage employees, visitors, and customers in a truly unique brand experience.

Successful branding is about much more than the things people buy. It’s also about the factors that create the mood, ambience, and feelings that people associate with your brand as a whole. From space planning to industrial design and from furniture selection to custom signage, our architects, interior designers, and customer experience experts know how to turn your brand story into three dimensions, engaging the senses and emotions of your audience.

Our branded environments services include: Interiors, Exhibitions and trade shows, Industrial design, Fixture design, Environmental graphic communications, Signage systems and wayfinding

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We take design to an elevated level, beyond just a configuration of colours, shapes and images, through the finer petals of Corporate Identity, Visual Language Design, & Collateral Systems and Web Development.

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